Buddy Spy

Buddy Spy

Buddy Spy 2.2.19 is a program to check the status of your contacts in Yahoo!
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Buddy Spy 2.2.19 is a program for checking the status of your contacts in Yahoo! Messenger, even those having MSN Messenger accounts.
With this program you can bypass Yahoo! Messenger's Invisible Settings and check if some of your contacts are invisible for you or really offline. It can even tell you if your contact is in a Chat Room or if his webcam is online.

This can be useful if you want to know if someone you don´t see online is avoiding you for some reason.

You can configure the program entering your Yahoo! ID and password, and your YMSG Server and Port, and your Cam and Web Server.

You can chose to show a fake idle, fake webcam, available, invisible or a custom message.

If you login into your Yahoo! Messenger account, and you´re using Yahoo! Messenger, your previews session will be closed, and a banner will appear warning you of this.

You can set different scan options, and even save the results of your scans.

The program can be configured to autoupdate, so it will look for newer versions of itself when you connect to Internet.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s useful to know who´s hiding from you


  • It´s a bit unsafe to reveal your ID and password
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